No Time Like the Present



During worship this past Sunday, one of the members of our church gave a testimony as to how prayer works in her life.  She mentioned one of my favorite Martina McBride songs, “Anyway.” In the song, Martina sings about how she prays to God, but God doesn’t always answer her prayers in the way that she wants them to be answered or thinks they should be answered.  The woman who gave the testimony on Sunday said that she too has had times when she’s prayed and prayed and prayed, but God answered her prayers in a way that she didn’t want them answered, but she goes on praying anyway.


I can relate.  I, too, have had my prayers answered in ways that were not what I had in mind.  But I keep praying anyway.  I keep praying anyway, because God is good and I trust God to know what’s best.


Since last Sunday, I’ve been thinking about the other things that I do anyway.  Although the little things that I do to try to go green seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what needs to be done to protect the environment, I do them anyway.  I do it anyway because over time a little bit can add up to a lot.


Although sometimes my acts and words of kindness and compassion seem insignificant and yes, even at times, unappreciated, I do it anyway, because it is the right thing to do.  Although my human nature wants me to hold on to my grudges and not to forgive, I forgive anyway because I know that withholding my forgiveness ultimately does more damage to me than to anyone else. 


Although there are Sunday mornings that I’d rather sleep in (yes, even pastors  have weeks when they’ve been so busy that it’d be nice to have a real rest and sleep in on Sundays), I get up and get going anyway, not just because it is my job, but because it is my God whom I am worshipping. Everything I am and have each day comes from God’s loving hand and out of love and respect for God, I must worship Him and thank Him in the presence of Christ where two or three are gathered in his name.


Although it’s hard to keep working toward God-given dreams and goals, I keep doing it anyway, because I know that God equips those whom God has called.


What is it today that you are going to do anyway?  There is no time like the present.


Today’s verse:  “Encourage one another every day, as long as it is called ‘today,’ so that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.”  ~Hebrews 3:13


The Rev. Dr. Betsey Crimmins, 01.27.10