Boards and Committees


This is the governing body of Elders elected by and for basic service to the local congregation. Our congregation elects 15 members to its Session. The Session is responsible for all activities of the church, as indicated by the various committees explained below:

Adult Christian Education Committee (ACE)

ACE provides a wide range of spiritual formation and growth groups, bible study groups and Christian support groups. 

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The committee oversees the repair and maintenance of the building and grounds. The committee is closely involved with proposed major improvements to the building. This committee is involved in the hiring and performance review of the Church Sexton.

ChristCare Equippers Team

The Equippers Team consists of those persons, clergy and lay, who have been to the seven-day ChristCare Equippers Training Course in St. Louis and are commissioned to organize, supervise, and lead the ChristCare Group Ministry in our church. Specifically, they recruit, train, and supervise ChristCare Group leaders as well as interpret and publicize the ChristCare ministry in and for our congregation.


This committee oversees all of the financial resources and fiscal procedures of our church. Not only do they monitor our operating budget, they also monitor our church's investments. This committee is involved in the hiring, supervision, and performance review for the Financial Secretary.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee welcomes people to our church through social events, coffee hours, and adult fellowship activities.


The goal of Membership Committee is to actively recruit new members through publicity, special events and personal contact.  The committee also tends to the nurturing and monitoring of current membership.


The Mission Committee oversees our church's involvement in mission projects, such as Second Place East, and makes recommendations concerning the use of Session-directed mission funds. This committee is also very active in mission interpretation through guest speakers, minutes for mission, etc.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is actually a committee of the congregation and not a committee of the Session. Their responsibility is to present names to the congregation of those willing to serve as elders and deacons.


This committee oversees the salary and performance review of all employees. They are involved in all hiring and personnel procedures in the church.

Presbytery Representative

Our church sends one elder representative to meetings of the Geneva Presbytery. Our elder representative attends all presbytery meetings and reports on the presbytery's activities to Session. The Presbytery Representative is elected annually by Session.


The Stewardship Committee encourages the use of the congregation's time, talent, and treasure in and through our church. They are responsible for the fall Stewardship Pledge Campaign and are involved in other pledge-type fund raising. They also lead the church in wills emphasis programs and stewardship beyond one's life time.

Worship and Music

This committee oversees the worship life of our church, including the music. They are responsible for repair, maintenance, and acquisition of musical instruments. They plan special services throughout the year. They are also involved in the hiring, supervision, and performance review of music staff persons. Our music staff persons sit on this committee.


The Deacons are a caring group of church members who are elected by the congregation to share responsibilities for shut-ins, college students military personnel who are away from home, and for anyone with a need or social concern. Deacons are responsible to Session and send a representative to Session meetings.