Blessing of the Backpacks!

Sun, September 24, 201710:30 AM


IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! It’s time to return to school or to work or to the fall routine. To celebrate the change of the season and all that it brings, we will have a “Blessings of Backpacks” (and anything else that you carry with you every day) during worship on Sunday, September 24th. Children, youth, and yes, you adults too are invited to bring to church that Sunday something that you carry with you every day. Start thinking about what you carry with you every day. Is it your backpack, briefcase, purse, a musical instrument case, or laptop? Is it a diaper bag, pen, watch or cell phone holster? Is it a lunch bag, fit bit, a glasses case, or a pencil? Whatever it is, we invite you to bring it with you to church on September 24th for a time of blessing.