2-Cents-A-Meal Sunday

Sun, May 20, 2018

TWO CENTS A MEAL  Sunday, May 20th

How much does a meal cost? It depends upon the meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes we eat simply; sometimes we splurge and eat extravagantly. But whatever we do, imagine if each of us gives 2 cents for that meal, setting aside those two pennies to help someone else eat a meal. Imagine if each of us set aside two pennies for every meal. That’s what the Two Cents a Meal program is. We invite you to bring those pennies to worship on the third Sunday of the month. The next collection during worship will be May 20th.

Those pennies are then sent to the Presbytery of Geneva. From there they are distributed in the form of grants to various food pantries and feeding programs in the communities of the churches of the Presbytery. As you can see, all those pennies add up to make a significant contribution, effecting people locally and regionally.